Splash & Boat Ltd Announces Start Of New Season

19 Mar 2023

Scheduled to begin on the 1st of April, 2023, the new season will start with The
Magical Unicorn Lake and followed by Bounsea, the amazing inflatable land. The
Splash Park will open its doors to all splashers on the 20th of May.
April 1st, 2023 Splash & Boat Ltd is delighted to announce that it has fixed the
start of a new season at The Magical Unicorn Lake and Bounsea for the 1st of
April, and Splash Park for the 20th of May, 2023.
Nestled in the heart of Barking Park, one and only in UK the Magical Unicorn Lake.
Consisting of a fleet of 24 Magical Unicorn pedal boats, they glide peacefully on the
water creating fun magical memories to last a long time. With each unicorn able to
hold up to 5 people, a brilliant adventure awaits you all!
The boats always start the season but this year we present you with one of its kind,
amazing Bounsea! The gigantic bouncy land is here to make you jump with joy. The
500 square meters structure is a fun, safe and interactive play for children and
adults of all ages. It includes baby zone, slides, climbing wall, challenge track and
many fun and colourful features. Get ready for lots of laughter and a serious
Last but not least, everyones favourite summer destination, Splash Park will open
on 20th of May. Considered to be the biggest one in all of London, the amazing
water-themed park presents the perfect day out for parents looking to treat their
children to an exciting fun-filled time.
Located in the heart of Barking Park, Essex, the Splash Park provides fun waterthemed adventure activities for children, who can play and have loads of fun with each other, as well as with the dance-loving park mascot named Splashy.
Visitors the park can also expect extra attractions such as Walk-On-Water balls
and little pedal boats (extra tokens required). Tokens have to be purchase for
access. Dance-loving park mascot,Splashy will be a regular guest. Special secrets
events are also planned so make sure you sign up to our newsletter for priority
Lets go season 2023!
Anyone interested in learning more about the start of the upcoming season can
reach out to Splash & Boat via the contact info below.

[email protected]

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